Remembrance: Sanriku, Fukushima, 2011-2014

Remembrance: Sanriku, Fukushima, 2011-2014
Keiko Sasaoka

w 329 x h 257mm / 142 pages / 124 color photographs
Essay: Shino Kuraishi
Design: Kei Naruse
Published by Shashinkoenrin
Printing and Binding: iWORD Co., Ltd

First published in Japan on December 25, 2021
© Keiko Sasaoka

Remembrance: Sanriku, Fukushima, 2011-2014 is a photo book in both English and Japanese that chronicles a project by photographer Keiko Sasaoka, who made repeated trips to Japan’s Tohoku region after the 2011 earthquake disaster. 124 color photographs taken during the first four years after the disaster were carefully selected that bring into focus the transition of time following on the moment when all sense of balance tragically capsized. The original visage of towns and villages has vanished, along with those of people forced to undergo suffering beyond imagining—the absence captured by her lens opens our beings to hope. Her camera interrogates of these landscapes the very meaning of “the place we live.”

The actual sight of the disaster area was different from the impression I had formed in seeing it over and over again in the media. Images of possible photographs ran through my mind. In all my time taking photographs, never once had I captured something like what I saw there, nor would I ever have wanted to.”— Keiko Sasaoka

“Sasaoka has determined that what should be disclosed through photography is precisely the totality of landscape, a totality that lives through an endless expansion of images never represented by or reducible to a single photograph, much less an individual person or isolated object.”— Shino Kuraishi (Poet, Critic)

『Remembrance 三陸、福島 2011-2014』






《決して「一枚の写真」や、写真に写る「一人」や「一個の事物」に代表されたり要約されることのない、イメージの絶えざる拡張を生きる風景の全体、それこそが写真によって開示されるべきものと笹岡は心に決めている。》——倉石信乃(詩人・批評家) 本書解題より