Statement: Anglers in Landscapes

笹岡啓子個展「Anglers in Landscapes」
ニコンプラザ新宿  フォト・プロムナード

“Anglers in Landscapes” 





Keiko Sasaoka solo exhibition “Anglers in Landscapes”
Aug 1 – 30, 2019
Nikon Plaza Shinjuku, photo promenade

“Anglers in Landscapes”

I always go out to the shore as guided by anglers. In that way, I have been walking along coastlines and ridges around Japan for more than 20 years.

The height and slope of the mountain indicate the depth of the sea at the foot of the mountain. So looking at the sea is closer to looking up at the mountains behind it, and walking up the mountains leads to knowing the sea that the river pours.

I photograph the sea and land of this era. Naturally, it was born a long time ago and has been changing to the present. I want to keep records that we stood between the sea and land, between the past and the future. Someday the ridgeline of this mountain may become a quay where the surf hits. Eventually this shore may become a land where future people live. I would be glad if these photos were discoveries like fossils and strata for them.

Keiko Sasaoka