statement: Park City

笹岡啓子個展「PARK CITY」 銀座ニコンサロン


Keiko Sasaoka “PARK CITY” in Ginza Nikon salon
20 Aug – 2 Sep, 2008

I was born and raised on the outskirts of Hiroshima City. I knew of August 6 as a matter of course from an early age. I thought all the people in the world knew that day and everybody was taught in history classes, read and listened to exposure experiences as peace education. For me, that was not something special but obvious.

However, getting out of Hiroshima, I realized that little was known about that day. When I saw from outside Hiroshima, I felt that the center of the city seemed to be missing out for the first time. There are the Peace Memorial Park and the museum, in which the burnt stone, scorched clothes and tricycles, models of dolls with hanging burnt skins are displayed. The park is a place for memorial services but also a daily commute to school and a temporary tourist spot.

I take pictures of the empty park without being able to find the certain clues. In the being of the deads and the park, and also in the absence of the livings and the memories, the city of Hiroshima seems to keep barely alive in a complicated tense of which the past and the present are not on the same linear. Definitely, the city I has been living in is something special. By taking pictures, I am trying to cross the tense at a stretch.

Keiko Sasaoka